How to End a Story

  Major SPOILERS in this article for tv shows: Mr. Robot: Season One (USA), The Killing (AMC), Breaking Bad (AMC) I was hooked on AMC’s The Killing. Addicted. Absolutely loved it–for 12 episodes. Hell, even in the 13th, the Season One Finale, I was in love right up until the last few minutes. Then they broke my heart. They laughed in … More How to End a Story


  Was the city always this cool? When we first started coming up here from Sweeny, back in the mid-to-late eighties, it was the coolest place in the world, to us. We were escaping a small town filled with rednecks and mouth-breathers to a big city filled with artists and free-thinkers. Coming up Highway 288, … More Houston is up and running. It’s in beta, but of course, it always will be. The purpose of the website is to provide a space to work and to share work. The same is true of this space. Bulletproof Rep: Work space. Haberdasher: Word space.